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Terms and conditions of participation

Conditions of use

The contracting parties publish their calls-for-tenders on the platform. It is possible to participate in these procedures. The contracting party determines the format, i.e. electronic or hardcopy (paper), in which it will communicate with the candidate / tenderer.

The candidate / tenderer is solely responsible for ensuring they comply with all legal preconditions for the award of contract, in particular, without limitation

The operator of the e-procurement platform

For selected calls-for-tenders, the submission of electronic tenders requires a qualified and advanced digital signature in accordance with SigG.
Moreover, the candidate / tenderer is also responsible for ensuring they fulfil all preconditions for digital submission of tenders via the e-procurement platform, in particular, without limitation, that they possess technical resources that fulfil the minimum requirements.

Before submitting a tender or application to participate, the candidate must register with the platform, and thereby provide company details and name a contact. This registration is required to provide timely information to the candidate / tenderer regarding changes during the ongoing tender / e-procurement process and in order to be able to clearly identify the application / tender.

Requesting and retrieving e-procurement / call-for-tenders documents from the platform is free of charge. The candidate shall bear any costs incurred on their side for electronic data transmission.

The contracting party determines whether an application / tender may be submitted in electronic form and/or conventional hardcopy form.

An application / tender can be submitted in electronic form or, where the contracting party has so allowed, in conventional hardcopy (paper) form. Where there are discrepancies / contradictions between electronic and hardcopy tenders, the contracting party may decide, at its discretion, to consider the most recently received tender or to exclude both tenders.

The candidate / tenderer must ensure that all tender documents in their entirety are received by the correct contact and/or contracting party before the tender submission deadline has elapsed. Incomplete documentation will be regarded as detrimental to the candidate / tenderer, and may lead to the tender being excluded.

Where an electronic tender is submitted, the candidate shall comply with the maximum aggregate file size. This is 300 MB for all files in total and applies to documents that are imported into the BIETERCOCKPIT. Files that are already made available within the BIETERCOCKPIT for the purposes of submitting a tender are excluded.

Should the candidate nevertheless wish to submit a larger data volume, they must contact the support team by telephone at +49 (0)711/66601-476 or by email at

The application / tender shall only then be regarded as submitted and received when it is saved in its entirety on the e-procurement platform. It is not sufficient for the process of data transmission / submission / import to have commenced.

The deadlines (date and time) for the submission of applications, tenders, etc. given in the announcement and/or call-for-tenders are binding.

If an application / tender is to be withdrawn before expiry of the application / tender deadline, the candidate must do this in their own working area of the BIETERCOCKPIT. Only then is it permissible to submit a new application / tender.

Insofar as necessary, the candidate / tenderer shall be provided with further information on the process during such process.

It is not permissible to make e-procurement / call-for-tenders documents available to any third party.

Attention is drawn to the fact that data entered by the candidate when registering are automatically processed and stored.

When a user is registered on the e-procurement platform, the data are saved in a supplier database. They are saved solely for the purpose of the procurement process, and for research purposes for future procurement procedures on the part of the contracting party.

By using the “registration” (Anmeldung) button after entering their registration data, the user consents to such data being processed and stored automatically as described above. The user is authorised to revoke their consent for the future at any time. The entered data are only saved in their entirety when the user completes registration.

Data transmission is encrypted (SSL encryption). This applies to all data traffic from the processing of the form onwards and exchanged between your browser and the server operated by Staatsanzeiger für Baden-Württemberg GmbH & Co. KG. SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and is regarded as a secure encryption method that has long been used on the World Wide Web and that is supported by all leading browsers. Upon the first occasion of data transmission, the user’s browser will request confirmation that the user accepts the certificate required for encryption. The user may at this point choose between one-time use of the certificate or ongoing use (for the validity period of the certificate). If the user’s browser does not support SSL, data are transmitted without encryption.

A support team is available for candidates / tenderers Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm Central European Time and via email. Time-to-response / time-to-confirmation is one hour.

Our candidate support team is available to answer questions at by telephone at +49 (0)711/66601-476 or via email: